Fado in Chiado reopens today!

Fado is Portuguese and was born in Lisbon!
Embraced by the Portuguese culture it is a symbol of the Portuguese nation, with a strong ritual in the historic districts of Lisbon.

At Fado in Chiado, for the course of one hour, talented artists will sing, accompanied by Portuguese guitar and viola, introducing Fado to all. The voices and the live guitars will be complemented by pictures of unique places of the beautiful city of Lisbon.

Fado is an ensemble of the Portuguese saudade, pride, hope and resignation. It is a musical style in which Amália Rodrigues left her inimitable mark. For these unique features Fado is part of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Fado in Chiado has performances scheduled from Monday to Saturday, at 7 p.m., in the center of Lisbon.  

The location is ideal to enjoy a live Fado show and from there discover our beautiful city.

Discover Fado in Chiado and you’ll find the true meaning of the soul of Lisbon!


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