Luxury is our middle name!

Summer is here to stay and Lisbon, as one of the “Top Destinations” in Europe is bubbling with tourists, not only because of the sun or its culture but also for the quality of the service available.

The number of hotels has been increasing in Lisbon for the last years. In the early 2000’s the main focus were the number of beds, now the focus is the excellence of the properties. A new style has emerged in town, the “Boutique”. Fresh, “clean” and simple they offer the basic comfort for the city breakers, who mostly wish to enjoy the city.

These are good times for visiting Lisbon, the offer is plenty and although “Boutique” hotels are on the rise there is one type of hotel which is always trendy, the “Luxury”. The “Luxury” hotel provides not only all the comfort that the guest needs but it also goes beyond all that exceeding all the expectations and becoming the hotel itself a reason for visiting Lisbon.

These brings us to the second part of our theme: a recent article by Tamara Elliot in the Luxury Travel Blog stated “10 things every luxury hotel should have”, as we go over all the items we found ourselves proud of having every single one of them:

Wi-Fi – Recent updated to improve its speed is available in the entire hotel and free of charge.

Bathrobes – Soft and comfortable, personalized with the hotel logo are available in various sizes, also available for including children.

Privacy – By this they mean the new room design that includes a window or just a glass dividing the room and the bathroom, of course this doesn’t happen in our hotel, we have classical marbled bathrooms.

Bottle of Water in the room – This we admit is a recent feature, but much appreciated by the guests.

Blackout curtains – Checked! We know how important sometimes is sleeping through the morning. In some rooms, with bigger windows we have installed electric blackouts.

Safety Deposit Box – This is a “must have” every customer likes the insurance of a safe in which to store is belongings and that he controls. And there is nothing better than a digital safe, free and easy to handle.

Hair Dryer – This is a critical issue that sometimes doesn’t get the proper relevance, one thing is clear it will never be as good as the one we have at home, but it could be close enough. The ones we have installed are new and with different speeds and with good feedback.

Outlets by the bed – This is a recent problem brought by all the technology that all the guests carry, but fortunately easy to solve, checked!

Storage – This is a hard one, special for the new hotels where they try to maximize the space in a way that in the end you only a get small closet, not a problem here, the storage space is big in every room.

Lots of towels – We have plenty to spare, and a big variety from bath towels to small “make-up” cleaners.

We know that this is only a part of what means to be “Luxury”, but when we add the personalized service, the décor, the comfort of the rooms and the will to go beyond, there’s not much more missing.

See you.


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