Estrella Damm Tapas Route

From October 16th to November 2nd, the Estrella Damm Tapas Route, is back to Lisboa and Porto.
The invitation is made ​​to eat tapas thru the historic districts of Lisboa and Porto, always accompanied by an Estrella Damm beer.

During 18 days, 35 venues in Lisbon and 20 establishments in Porto welcome the Estrella Damm Tapas Route.

In this 4th edition, Cais do Sodré and Rossio joins Alfama, Bairro Alto, Principe Real, downtown Porto and Ribeira.

With the arrival of the new season, the tapas bring new colors and flavors: from partridge to quinces and from chestnuts to mushrooms. Chefs are challenged to include in the confection one autumnal ingredient: nuts, honey, olives, sausages, cheeses, small game (e.g. partridge, duck), almonds, walnuts, raisins, quinces, trout, mushrooms, sweet potato and / or pumpkin.

Estrella Damm invites you to discover new flavors with unique tapas and autumnal flavors: one tapa and one beer 0,25l, at € 3.

In this edition, to facilitate the journey between the different Lisbon districts, the now famous Tuk Tuks will be available circulating through the streets of Principe Real, Cais do Sodré and Alfama, every day between 19h and 23h.

Only two stamps on the map of Estrella Damm Tapas Route are enough for you to enjoy these rides. Each Tuk Tuk carries up to 6 people so, join some friends and catch a ride to the next neighborhood.

What are you waiting for, just follow the map and let’s eat some tapas!


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