A Massage at the Palace

Lisbon is a very busy city and even if you’re sightseeing in the end of the day you often feel tired and weary so, we have the solution for you: a massage! 

Due to the stressful live we have, we tend to ignore the signals that our body is constantly sending us, is time to give the attention it deserves.

It may begin with a small symptom but it can turn in something more profound, and easily become a more serious problem. An easy and natural way to solve these troubles is the oldest therapy existing, the massage.

The massage is probably the oldest therapeutic tool used by humans to communicate and provide a natural remedy for pain.

It is not, however, a complete system of treatment, but rather a complementary therapy which helps to improve the overall health of the patient, acting as a complement to conventional treatments.

The massage is an exchange of energy between two bodies. When giving or receiving a massage, not only muscles, skin and bones are manipulated, but also physical and mental energy is promoted.

This energy flows from the body of the person giving massage to the one who receives it. Through techniques such as sliding friction, stroking and kneading, that stimulate the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and subtle or energy systems, thus eliminating fatigue, both mental and physical, and strengthening our body to face diseases and the lack of harmony.

The most recognizable massage effect is the relaxation of body and mind but, depending on the technique used and the speed and intensity of the movements, it can also be very invigorating.

At the Avenida Palace, we want you to feel good and relaxed after a day visiting Lisbon and so we have selected a series of massages that will help achieve that goal, keeping you ready for the next day!

Find out here all that we have to offer.


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