Tomis are out there!

As being one of the most visited cities in Europe, Lisbon cannot fall behind in terms of innovation and so, in the last week, 34 Tomis were distributed in the major subway stations in Lisbon.

What is a Tomi you may ask? A Tomi is a kind of interactive billboard with space for advertising,
cultural agenda, news, a shopping and services directory and even for a selfie.

This is a Portuguese innovation, produced by TomiWorld, a company from Viseu. The billboard was designed to meet the needs of people, living or visiting the city, for information, allowing the possibility of integration with the smartphone.

The use of this interactive billboard is free of charge and provides information about the city, public transportation, places of interest such as restaurants or hotels, cultural events taking place in town and local news.

In the transportation section, for instance, simply enter your destination and Tomi indicates the best itineraries, taking into account the duration and transport use. This information can be shared by email or on a social network.

Tomis can be found in the following metro stations:

Colégio Militar
Jardim Zoológico
São Sebastião
Baixa Chiado
Terreiro do Paço
Santa Apolónia
Campo Grande
Cidade Universitária
Campo Pequeno
Marquês Pombal
Cais do Sodré


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