Caparica Primavera Surf Fest

Spring just started and the good sunny days are coming. This is the season of parties, fests and festivals by the beach and Lisbon is not that far from the beach…

Caparica Primavera Surf Fest is one of the first fests of the season and it starts on March 26th for this year 1st edition. This mega event is held in a giant tent, from 6pm to 2am, joining Music and Surf in 10 days of pure entertainment!

The activities begin at 6pm with a "sunset party" hosted by the resident DJ Miguel Nery, followed by music concerts and at the end of the night, a performance by Portuguese DJs.

In a unique combination between Surf and Music, the organization has created a program where every music genre will have its space. There will be nights dedicated to funk, reggae, hip-hop, indie, african music and electronic pop.

20 DJs, 9 bands, 4 surf and bodyboard championships are scheduled during the event, as well as a numerous of entertainment events where spectators can participate. But the festival features much more than just Surf and Music.

SAL (Surf At Lisbon) travels to Caparica and promises three nights of a true Surf Film Fest.

The goal is to have fun, in a spirit of sharing and camaraderie.


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