Rewind Cities has a new route.

To visit Lisbon of nowadays and to see the old Lisbon, isn’t that bizarre?  No, if you’re using Rewind Cities.

Rewind Cities was launched last June and according to Maria Cristina Kirkby, founding partner and the brain behind the Cities Rewind content, the app "offers a range of experiences that can’t be missed, because to really know Lisbon it is essential to know its history and the Rewind Cities makes it possible."

The application is free and is presented as a new concept of cultural tourism, where the past becomes the present.

By using the app, visitors are transported to the city's past through innovative approaches, including the four types of experiences integrated in the application: "Forgotten City", with pictures and videos about the events that took place where they are; "Time Machine", which emits old 3D images overlapping the images of today, through the smartphone or tablet camera; "Total Recall", allows you to relive episodes and to get to know striking characters that hold the city's deepest secrets; and "Time Traveller", which allows the creation of post cards with old pictures of the buildings and monuments interior and exterior.

Now, the subway company METRO and the bus company CARRIS joined the Rewind Cities Lisbon
and created a tourist route for curious and lovers of Lisbon’s Public Transportation past and history.

The route is called "METRO RAIL | A trip in history," an itinerary consisting of 11 points of interest related to the history of CARRIS and METRO, which offers unforgettable experiences in an augmented reality environment. The most emblematic stations of the 1st line section of Lisbon’s subway, the origins of the Carris Museum, the Elevador da Glória, the Elevador de Santa Justa and the cable car nr.15 are some of the contents available to explore in this route.


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