# ULISSEIA21 – A new Multimedia show in Terreiro do Paço

# Ulisseia21 is a multimedia show based on a love story of Ulysses and Ophiussa in the kingdom where nowadays Lisbon stands.

Projected onto the facade of Augusta Street Arch in Praça do Comércio, it is a show of light and sound about this tale that, between fiction and reality, narrates the city’s origins.

With free and daily sessions at 21.30, 22.30 and 23.30, from August 7th to 16th, this show also represents another couple in love in the contemporary Lisbon, proving that all love stories although unique, can repeated themselves.

You will be presented with an audacious show, with a strong focus on innovation, displaying powerful 3D visual effects and strong sounds, by DJ's Holy and Ride, while the video and the soundtrack are handled, live, by its creators, making each performance unique.

Each break between sessions will surprise the audience with interactive activities, an invitation to the public’s participation, and also performances of DJ's that will light up the summer nights on Lisbon’s main square.


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