Almack's # 1 | A locomotion concept revisited

Almack's # 1 is an association of the nineteenth century’s litters with today’s "concept cars" and a tribute to the current car ads stereotype.

This work was achieved with the help of several partners who made this production possible. In fact, this was a job for many "hands" that resulted in a single work exhibited between May 21st and July 24th 2011, in the chapel Nossa Senhora da Conceição.

This year, on September 26th, the Almack's # 1 will be integrated into the new Museu Nacional dos Coches where it will be on permanent display in the museum’s entrance.

The artist Ana Fonseca who arrived at the Museu Nacional dos Coches on the Almack's # 1 in 2011, has a multidisciplinary background (photography, installation, video and performance), with drawing as the core of her work.


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