Bairro das Artes (Arts Quarter)

Just recently elected the second city with the best hotels in Europe, Lisbon continues to show its cultural diversity.

The return of the cultural season at the Sétima Colina will take place on September 17th, the 3rd Thursday of the month.

For the sixth consecutive year, Sétima Colina hosts another edition of “Bairro das Artes” in a partnership between various Contemporary Art Venues in the area of Chiado, Misericórdia, Principe Real and Bica, in a multiplicity of artistic expressions and projects, with free access for the general public.

The venues will extend their operating hours and will be the meeting point for the community, artists, gallery owners and curators, promoting the artistic offer of this part of town.

The Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea (Chiado Museum) is one of the spaces associated with the event, allowing entry until 20:00 in several exhibitions.

But there are many galleries participating on this event,  gallery Abysmo inaugurates "Bartoon 25", gallery Alecrim 50 presents "Blitzforum # 9: Still Scenarios n 1-9" by Jaime Welsh,  Allarts Gallery, in Rua da Misericórdia, inaugurates the group exhibition "Realismo Mágico" by Rogério Araújo,
Jorge Valdivia, Lopez Herrera, Victor de la Fuente and Nikolay Stoev and many more.

You can find out more about the entire program here.


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