Festival Todos – Caminhada de Cultura (A walk for culture)

From the 10th to the 13th of September, the Campo de Santana / Campo Mártires da Pátria will be the location for the celebration of multiculturalism through the 7th edition of Festival Todos.

Created in 2009, the Festival Todos, has set Lisbon as a city committed to the dialogue between cultures, between religions and between people of diverse backgrounds and generations.
The Festival Todos has contributed to the destruction of territorial ghettos associated with immigration, opening the city to all people interested in living and working in it.

The program includes dozens of free shows and activities for all audiences in areas such as music, theater, new circus, dance and photography, as well as the world's gastronomy.

The Festival Todos stands out as a nomadic festival in its own city. Every three years it migrates from neighborhood to neighborhood, questioning its inhabitants and revealing unusual and intimate details of Lisbon to all people, from all over the world.


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