Lisbon, a safe place to be

Lisbon is famous for its good weather, its culture, its food and now for its security. 

When deciding where to travel on the next vacations, tourists always consider several criteria such as location, weather, cost and security. Of course, some criteria weigh more than others but, in this troubled days, security as became more and more important.

In a recent survey made by Lisbon Tourism Office in August and September of this year, Lisbon was considered a safe destination for 98% of tourists.

According to the analyzed data, 96% of the tourists feel safe in Lisbon and 75% feel confidence in the police, if necessary.

The study also shows that the choice for Lisbon as a tourist destination was easy in terms of security and that only 0.2 % of the tourists felt less safe than in their place of residence.

So, in case your still in doubt on which place to visit, here’s another leverage to help you reach a decision.


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