“In search of Portugal. Ideas, objects, news, fashions”

From January 23rd to April 25th, the Padrão dos Descobrimentos presents an exhibition about the journey of journeys.

This exhibition is about the temporal and geographic realities of Portugal discoveries and expansion in modern times, leading to a multi-civilizational reading.

According to Prof. António Camões Gouveia, the responsible for the exhibition, the aim is to show visitors ”The whole journey of discovery and the different knowledge and expansions resulting of a long sea voyage to reach land and then people, animals, plants, wealth and differences! That journey of journeys is what we want to tell”.

With pieces kindly provided by 17 museums/archives and libraries across the country. “In Search of Portugal. Ideas, objects, news, fashions” emphasizes the human and civilizational landscape in a chronological and territorial narrative.

And so, bearing in mind the variability of the theme to be explored, emblematic pieces were selected on their holders, geographical origins, time frames and symbols originally registered or subsequently acquired.


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