Lisboa à Prova - The best restaurants in Lisbon in 2015

When talking about Lisbon one cannot exclude its food and its restaurants, typical, international, “nouvelle cuisine” and Michelin Stars, all of these can be found in our beautiful city.

Lisboa à Prova is an annual gastronomical competition, which aims to promote and select the best restaurants in Lisbon divided in three categories - Contemporary Kitchen, Portuguese Cuisine and World Cuisine.

Last week, the winners for the 2015 competition were known. After 6 months of visits and evaluations, the participant restaurants received their trophies, 1 Fork, 2 Forks and 3 Forks, in an event hosted by the Town Hall.

126 were the number of restaurants awarded, judged for its cuisine, service, environment and quality / price ratio, in a total of 700 anonymous tests, carried out between June and November 2015.

Comparing to the 2014 edition, there were 11 more restaurants awarded and the number of subscriptions rose by about 25%, showing an evident qualitative increase in Lisbon restaurants.
90 restaurants were awarded with “1 Fork”, 29 have achieved the award for "2 Forks" and only 7 restaurants have earned the maximum reward of "3 Forks".

Here’s the complete list of winners. Choose wisely!


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