A tale of two cities - Lisbon and Edinburgh

Learn new perceptions from the past and present of Lisbon and Edinburgh, and rediscover our own city’s past and present when we compare it with another city, allowing outsider perspectives on our own city values and stories. 

Organized by the Museum of Lisbon in association with Nomad Exhibitions and Historic Environment Scotland, the exhibition offers similar perspectives on both cities’ past and present,
from their early times up to the present day. The capitals of Portugal and Scotland, besides the common similarities between two western, European cities in terms of their urban and social development, also reveal rather fascinating relationships to be unveiled in the course of this exhibition.

By using artworks, artefacts and archival material, as well as film and digital content, the exhibition reveals how the cities have changed over the centuries in response to their geography, to natural disasters, and to the needs of their citizens for inspiring and effective places to live, work, worship and learn.

The capital cities of Edinburgh and Lisbon, besides their long and rich histories, have shared key periods of ambitious expansion and change, and are impressive examples of both urban innovation and historical preservation. The remarkable architectural development of each city was inspired by, and represents, the lives, cultures and industries of their inhabitants and their leaders.

The exhibition takes place at the Museum of Lisbon at the Torreão Poente of Terreiro do Paço until December 22nd.


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