Beethoven at the Comércio Square

The Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra will fill one of Lisbon’s most symbolic squares with music.

From September 28th through October 1st, Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra will present Ludwig van Beethoven’s symphonies on four consecutive days, in a breath taking exercise that invites musicians and audience to engage in a vast artistic universe.

Beethoven’s nine symphonies are very different and each one by itself, is a masterpiece. However, considering the whole, we are faced with a monumental scale project whose accomplishment does not seem possible by just one man.

Despite all the singularities, they reflect the same artistic design, an excessive ambition and all the commitment that accompanied the composer throughout his live, leaving deep marks in the historical course of orchestral music.

The idea of Symphony transformed and expanded itself in an expressive range and called to him the highest status among all musical genres, making Beethoven a true revolutionary.

Conducted by Maestro Pedro Amaral, the concerts start every day at 21.30 and here’s the complete program:

  • September 28th:

Symphony Nº 1, Op. 21
Symphony Nº2,  Op. 36
Symphony Nº 3, Eroica

  • September 29th:

Symphony Nº 4, Op. 60
Symphony Nº5, Op. 67

  • September 30th: 

Symphony Nº6, Op. 68, Pastoral
Symphony Nº7, Op. 92

  • October 1st:

Symphony Nº 8, Op. 93
Symphony Nº9, Op. 125, Coral


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