Lisbon Story Centre – City Memories

Probably all Lisbon’s visits should start here, Lisboa Story Centre is the way to introduce the city.

Open in 2012, the Lisboa Story Centre is an innovative space dedicated to the history of the Portuguese capital, inspired by the wide array of facts and events that have shaped the city.

Located in the East Wing of the Terreiro do Paço and covering an area of around 2,200 square-meters, Lisboa Story Center has been designed as an interactive Visitor Attraction, featuring state-of-the-art technology, transporting visitors on a fascinating journey through time, using a mixture of elaborate sets, multimedia and sensory experiences, the Centre stages dramatic recreations of Lisbon's most important historical events, within the zone between the Baixa Pombalina and the Terreiro do Paço, exploring the myths and realities of this ancient city.

Comprising in 6 public areas and presented in a playful and interactive manner, while respecting the rich historical tapestry of this magnificent city, the Centre offers visitors an approximately 60-minute journey across time and space.

Find out all about Lisboa Story Center here.


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