Lisbon’s new hotspot

Built in 1781 the Palácio do Chiado, former Palácio Quintela hosts a new gastronomic concept returning to its former glory.

Lisbon is full of new gastronomic spaces but not one compares to this in terms of innovation and grandeur. Built by order of Luis Rebelo Quintela over the houses that belong to the Earl of Vimioso and the Marquis of Valença and were destroyed by the earthquake of 1755, the Palácio Quintela stood until the present day at Rua do Alecrim in the center of Chiado.
Foto dinheiro vivo

With an amazing history that included the housing of a French General during the first French invasions, the Palace was the house of some of Portugal’s most important personalities from which we highlight Joaquim Pedro Quintela, 2nd Baron of Quintela and 1st Earl of Forrobo, although later in his life he became an important figure of Portuguese political, social and culture life, he will always be remember for his taste for partying and for associating to a famous Portuguese expression “farrobodó”.   

In 2014, the Palácio Quintela reborn by the hand of 3 partners that visualized this unique business opportunity and embraced this original and challenging project that required several partnerships to allow the restauration of the paintings and stained glass as close as possible to the original.

The Palácio Quintela or Chiado offers an escape to the daily routine, and it’s already a landmark in Lisbon’s restaurant scene combining in one single place a wide range of gastronomic alternatives, attracting a diverse and multitasking audience.


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