Top 5 – Blog posts of 2016

Another year is coming to an end and in 2016 we reached a new maximum in terms of visits and interaction with our posts, our sincere thanks to all of you.

Throughout the year, we’ve tried to share the most relevant information regarding events taking place in the city, news about awards or recommendations from our Concierge Desk. We were happy to know that many of you found the information valid and useful in order to plan your visit to Lisbon.

These are the most visited posts of 2016, and this Top 5 shows how diverse our histories were: ranked
in 1st place is an article by Ann Abel a journalist from the magazine Forbes who visited Lisbon and felt in love with our beautiful city, in 2nd an exhibition that took place at the MUDE (now in renovations), in 3rd and 4th places are some recommendations from our Concierge about the best beaches near Lisbon and the best restaurants, last but not least a new contemporary art map available in Lisbon.

1 - 12 reasons to love Lisbon
Although the piece is titled “12 reasons to love Lisbon” the author highlights the fact that “of course there are more than 12 reasons to love Lisbon” mentioning across the vast article, the low cost, the excellence of our cuisine, the palaces and historic architecture, culture, the vibrating atmosphere and, obviously, the friendly attitude and the unique way of welcoming the tourists.

2 - Break Down the Walls! Viva Design and the Arts
In exhibition until September 25th, Break Down the Walls! Viva Design and the Arts, approaches the MACE and MUDE collections comparatively. The exhibition, presented at the Sala Risco in Pateo da Galé, sparks a dialogue between two distinct focal points of the collections of MUDE – Museum of Design and Fashion and MACE – Museum of Contemporary Art of Elvas, highlighting the resemblances between fine and decorative arts but escaping from a historical speech or a temporal dimension to develop a more transversal, inquiring and open reading.

3 - Top 5 - Beaches near Lisbon
Summer is just around the corner so, it is time to enjoy the sun and there’s no place like the beach to do so. One of the good things about Lisbon is its location, a feature that makes it one of the few European capitals to have the most diverse offers to those who visit us.

4 - Top 5 – Lisbon Restaurants
Lisbon is, nowadays, one of the major destinations in Europe, famous for its culture, history, sun and of course its restaurants. In the last couple of years, following the increase of the number of tourists visiting Lisbon, several new restaurants or spaces opened to the public, creating opportunities for new ideas to come alive.

5 - Art Map – Contemporary Art Lisbon
There’s a new map of Lisbon: the map of Lisbon’s Contemporary Art or simply the Art Map. Launched recently in 2 languages, Portuguese and English, the Art Map is available online or in paper. Updated annually, the map gathers a series of Contemporary Art spaces in Lisbon, featuring the program of galleries, museums, foundations and other cultural venues.


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