Easter Concert at the CCB

In a Concert for Peace the “Músicos do Tejo” usually conducted by Marcos Magalhães, will be, for the first time, conducted by a special guest.

The “Músicos do Tejo” have been working hard in the field of ancient music, with particular focus on the Portuguese repertoire or music that has been historically related to Portugal.

At this concert they will be performing under the direction of a guest conductor, the Finnish harpsichordist, Aapo Häkkinen.

For Marco Magalhães this partnership was seen as “exciting” and gave the opportunity for the group “to launch this new challenge within the orchestra, making contact with a different creative personality.”

As for the conductor, Aapo Häkkinen was an obvious and the best choice since this is “a musician with whom the group has a lot of artistic affinities”, assuring that this Luso-Finnish musical exchange, “which has already started for some time”, is now built in a program design in full collaboration “that will lead us to new musical adventures.”

The concert will take place on April 13th at 9 pm in the Main Auditorium of the Centro Cultural de Belém.


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