Restaurants in Lisbon

Before diving into the unknown, which might be Lisbon’s restaurant offers, stop by our concierge desk, he will help you decide and most importantly will help you avoid the worst ones.  

A recent scandal hit a couple of restaurants in Lisbon’s downtown. Apparently, they were picking clients on the street, showing a menu with some prices but, once the clients were seated they would immediately try to sell different items, way overpriced, but hidden on the bottom of the menu.

Obviously, the clients followed the waiter’s recommendations, but in the end of the meal, the bill come bearing bad news: 140€ for a swordfish dish, 250€ for a mixed shellfish platter or 15€ for bread and these are just some of the examples.

After being confronted with that rip-off, clients asked for the menu and realized that the prices were really there, they just didn’t check them, as they followed the waiter’s recommendations.

So, our first recommendation for today is: always check on the menu what you’re going to eat, be picky, make the waiter point it out for you, “couvert”(yes you have to pay for it), dessert and of course wine, you can take recommendations but please check the list and its prices.

Our second recommendation is: if you’re staying in a hotel listen to the Front Desk staff, they will help you avoid some of these troubles. In our case, guests can always find support in our Concierge Desk.

These are skilled employees that know by experience the restaurants they are recommending and they try to match your wishes to the offer available in the city.

Further down, you will find some of our Head Concierge’s suggestions, other references are also available on our APP.

Established in one of the most iconic areas of Lisbon, the square do Teatro S. Carlos, in Chiado, space mixes aspects of the original construction of the cloisters, with modern, bold design in a combination of architectural concepts absolutely unique.

As Velhas
Located near the Avenida da Liberdade, this typical Portuguese restaurant, offers a comfort and family atmosphere, and a menu that emphasizes all the best that Portuguese cuisine has to offer.

Monte Mar 
Monte Mar Lisboa was created in an elegant and urban-chic atmosphere that Monte Mar Lisboa, presenting fresh fish, shellfish, and all the traditional Monte Mar Cascais cuisine. The hake fillets with cockle rice, our signature dish, has a simple name but is very rich in flavor. Since Monte Mar Lisboa is not just a fish and seafood restaurant, if you prefer a more traditional option, choose "iscas", a delicious and tender liver dish served in a skillet.  

Cervejaria Ramiro
The tradition of well-serving seafood
Founded on the 7th of April of 1956, Cervejaria Ramiro is known nationally and abroad for its excellent quality of seafood, for its level of service and for the price-quality relationship.

Mar ao Carmo
Located in the well know Chiado district, more exactly in Carmo Square, is a seafood restaurant in a modern and elegant space, with neutral tones, which invites you to sit down and enjoy a pleasant relaxed meal.

The Sacramento is a relaxed venue, located in the heart of Chiado's historic district, in the former Confeitaria Nacional, once stables of the old Palace of the Counts of Valadares. With its traditional Portuguese cuisine with a touch of innovation and a careful presentation, the Sacramento promises to delight its customers.

Situated in the heart of Lisbon, Gambrinus is a reference point in Lisbon’s Cuisine. Over the past 78 years, national and international personalities, artists and politicians have met to enjoy these meeting places.
The Restaurant has maintained a comfortable environment, with high-quality products and service of excellence, since the remodeling done in 1964 by the architect Maurício de Vasconcelos.


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