Tips to avoid jet lag

Now that we're starting to travel again, these tips come handy. How many times did you suffer from jet lag? Too many? Rafael Ruiz, of Delta Air Lines, gives us 6 tips to avoid it.

Traveling is most people’s favorite hobby and it’s hard to hide the excitement when one boards an airplane and travel to any new place. But not all is roses, jet lag passengers may suffer when traveling to remote destinations, and this makes the experience a bit less exciting.

Here are 6 tips to overcome the lag related to the differences between time zones.

1 - Set your clock to the destination time before the flight. 
This is probably the most important thing to do before boarding, it helps keeping your mind in tune with the city you are visiting and focus on what you have to do when you land, instead of what you feel like doing in the current time zone.

2 - Stay awake on daytime flights and sleep on nocturnal flights. 
Although it may seem obvious, it is important to try to stay awake during the day and sleep at night, by keeping the daily rhythms will be easier to feel refreshed upon arrival.

3 - Drink plenty of water, and avoid coffee.
Water keeps you hydrated and alert, you may feel tempted to drink coffee, but water is more effective and helps you to keep away the fatigue that comes with jet lag.

4 - Avoid heavy foods, especially at lunch.
Heavy food, especially at lunch, can lead to a break in the afternoon and cause your biological clock to become even more out of sync, instead of having lunch eat a snack if you want to keep your energy levels high.

5 - Take your tennis shoes in the bag.
Exercise is always the best way to keep your energy levels high when you land, keeping you alert during the day, while allowing you to see the city better and still helping you to sleep when it's time. This is especially useful for business travelers, who need to ensure the energy at the right time for those important meetings.

6 - Turn off your phone at night 
When adjusting to a new time zone, it is essential to get a good night's sleep. If you have friends, family or colleagues sending you messages and emails that wake you up, your sleep will be disturbed all night and you will feel tired and dizzy. When it's time to sleep, turn off your phone, tablet, and laptop.


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