Apps for those who like to travel

There’s no way to go around technology, especially if you’re traveling. Here's a small guide for the best Apps to use when you’re away from home.

There are thousands and thousands of Apps throughout the app stores and, sometimes, it’s hard to find the correct one. “Expresso” has made it easy for us and selected the 5 that you really can’t miss.

Here Maps 
We start with the obvious maps, no matter where you are, in downtown Lisbon or in the Circus in Rome, Here Maps is available in the major platforms and it has an unbeatable feature which allows you to download the maps you need in advance so, you don’t have to pay later when you’re using roaming. Calmly, at home, select the map or maps you need, install them and from that moment you’ll have access to several navigation tools, for walking courses or for driving by car or motorcycle.

When travelling one of the most common problems is to deal with the local language and, sometimes,
the difference between a happy trip and an all lot of trouble is a simple word. Bravolol includes the most used sentences in 13 languages, allowing also to play the sentences so that you can say it in a perfect way.

Everyone dreams with an assistant, not all of us can afford one but fortunately we have Tripcase. Tripcase is an app that organizes and plans your entire trip. In one single place you can gather all the information regarding your journey, plain tickets, hotel reservations or car hire, you can “pack” everything in this digital bag. Best of all, the information is not static and with the help of internet you can receive updates on your flight schedule, changes of boarding gate, call an Uber, receive recommendations for dinner, promotions and even weather forecasts.

You probably already have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, which is fine, keep them their
important too. But Snapchat has one feature that beats the others, it allows you to create your stories (snaps) and share them with your friends and family. And since the content is only live for a limited period it is easy to control exactly what you shared.

Not a big problem for Europeans who travel inside of the European Union but currency can be an issue if you find yourself in Canada or Japan. The app Currency includes currencies for 150 countries and allows you to do conversions between several currencies and get the most updated quotation.


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