Travelers look for new experiences

Innovation is always trendy in the tourism world and the standard city tour is no longer enough for the tourist who eagers for new experiences. 

TripAdvisor released a report about travel trends in 2018 on the segment Experiences, Tours, and Activities. This information was based on the reservations made in 2017 and it shows that although tourists are still interested in monuments and important sights, they are looking for local alternative experiences.

The interest in new experiences such as cultural, gastronomic tours, cooking lessons and historic and patrimonial experiences had an incredible growth, showing that travelers are expanding horizons.

Travelers are looking more and more for authenticity and they search for local culture, balancing their itineraries, mixing traditional tours with local experiences. It is clear that travelers will still visit Belém Tower, but they will reserve some time for a gastronomic tour through Alfama.

As it is normal when demand increases the offer follows and so, last year guides and tourism operators created more than 30 thousand new experiences worldwide.

One of the most annoying situations when traveling to a popular destination is the immense queues and that is why the product “skip-the-line” was the most popular in 2017.

As the name implies, this is a product that allows you to access, without queues, to some of the world’s most visit sights, making you save precious time, and improving the experience tremendously.


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