International Picnic Day

These new times changed the way we do several things and picnics are one of those things. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate International Picnic Day.

The origins of the International Picnic Day are unknown, but it is celebrated in many countries across the globe. What better chance to relax, eat out in the open air and enjoy the summer weather, with family? 
International Picnic Day

Known for its history and traditional districts, Lisbon also has beautiful gardens that are a perfect refuge on hot summer days. Below, you will find our picks, but there are lots of other places you can visit:

Torel Garden
Facing the sun and with modern sun loungers, this garden offers a panoramic view over the valley of Avenida da Liberdade and the hill of São Roque.

Cerca da Graça Garden
Located in a historic zone with an area of 1.7 acres, Cerca da Graça Garden is the largest green space with public access, hosting a kiosk and an orchard.

Necessidades Garden
Designed in 1843 by D. Fernando here we can find three lakes surrounded by exotic vegetation, a waterfall, a fountain and a reservoir, and also several statuary elements.

Fernando Pessa Garden
Hidden in Avenida de Roma it’s a very nice neighborhood garden, named after Fernando Pessa, a Portuguese journalist. This was the place where Fernando Pessa used to take a stroll and ride his bicycle.

Ajuda Botanic Garden
It is the oldest Portuguese garden, planted by the Marquis of Pombal in 1768 with the designation of Ajuda Royal Botanical Garden. It was projected to preserve, study, and collect the largest number of species possible, from many different parts of the world and it provides excellent educational resources for a better understanding of the world of plants.

Bring your family, keep a safe distance, and enjoy the outdoors and these summer days.


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