The Bar

According to Wikipedia, a Bar is “a business establishment that serves alcoholic drinks - beer, wine, liquor and cocktails - for consumption on the premises”.
Well, it’s much more than that isn’t it?
A Bar is where people meet, to talk, to discuss, to celebrate, to cry, but mostly to share their mood, feelings and opinions, with friends or family and sometimes with the Bartender, that “friend/ shrink” that listens to us when no one else does.
That’s why the Bar is a very important part of a hotel, and it can`t be seen by managers as “every hotel has one so we must have one too” or a “cost center”. When we are too busy selling rooms we sometimes forget what to do when the customer is already in the hotel.
A Bar can complete the character of a hotel or be the character itself, it can be its heart and soul. It is very important to create the perfect ambiance where people can feel calmed and relaxed, after a sightseeing day, but at the same time an ambiance where people can feel vibrant to start a party night.
The Bartender is a key element, his knowledge, his patience will provide the client with the confidence and tranquility of a good service. 
That’s why it is important to invest and promote it, to organize events which add value to the client’s stay. Musical events mainly, but there others that can be exploited, like sports events played on a big TV screen.
So, in the end it’s only a matter of vision and determination to grant the clients with experiences they won’t forget.


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